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Transform yourself and step back into the future. Get your personal roto-babe. DJs love it, hi-fi nerds deserve it and all Departementos go crazy. An outstanding edition in a special colour: 
The-Dept. goes vinyl...

Anti-Fashionistas love this electronic body style: T-Shirts from "Retro" to "Thunder". Simple and well structured design that 

emphasizes the effort of The Department to see more clearly - now and forever.

All over Germany - Europe, U.S. and more coming soon

We deliver your merchandise to Germany and many other locations. 'Cause don't forget: The-Dept. is a worldwide motion.

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Electric Style


EBM Neo Pop from Frankfurt (Germany):

Songs, stuff and style - electronic body music and electric industrial merch for all of us. Get your inspiration from the body electric side of the world. All designs are especially made for the people that aspire a fullfilled life with a primary focus on the essentials.

About The-Dept.

The-Dept. is the melodic and danceable opposition to the omnipresent warble-bards of our time. Let's listen and think to music! Sounds exhausting? It's not with The-Dept.! With harmonious arcs of tension, multi-leveled texts and mechanical-hypnotic dance floor structures, many social, technological and political alterations can be explored in their non-conformist songs. But they come light and sensitive, with memorable melodies in a harmonious construct. This is how The-Dept. interlaces numerous electronic elements from different epochs on several levels. For too long we had to listen to preset-loops, instant low-level-"compositions" and scrubbing singing - usually paired with intellectual incapability. The-Dept. just can't take it anymore: EBM is a call for action, pop is for everyone ... EBM Neo Pop.

Über The-Dept.

The-Dept. ist der hör- und tanzbare Gegenpol zu den omnipräsenten Trällerbarden*innen unserer Zeit. Lasst uns wieder „hin“hören und „mit“denken! Klingt heftig? Ist es bei The-Dept. nicht! Mit harmonischen Spannungsbögen, kritisch-strukturierten Texten und mechanisch-hypnotischen Dancefloorstrukturen finden sich viele soziologische, politische und technische Veränderungen in den nonkonformistischen Songs wieder. Aber sie kommen leicht und einfühlsam, mit einprägsamen Melodien in einem harmonischen Konstrukt daher. So verschachtelt The-Dept. in mehreren Ebenen zahlreiche elektronische Elemente aus unterschiedlichen Epochen. Zu lange haben wir uns Retortenloops, verpoppte Schlager und Schrubbel-Singsang in Verbindung mit geistigem Stillstand anhören müssen. The-Dept. kann es schlichtweg nicht mehr ertragen: EBM ist Aufruf, Pop ist für alle … EBM Neo Pop.